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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Weekend Work in Progress

Lakelse Lake, BC

There is something about fall and school being back in session that makes me really appreciate lazy weekends. Caleb just started Grade 1 this year and as much as he loves school, it has been a huge wakeup call. Driving home last week, our chatter went like this:
"Mom, can we go to drop-in gymnastics on Friday?" 
"No, you have school."
"Well, when can we go again?"
" approximately 12 years. Sorry buddy." 

For a kid who heads outside to ride his bike before breakfast, who would choose to eat every meal in his "sniper den" and smells like a combination of cut grass, fresh air and dirty dog, this 5 days/week school is a bit hard to swallow. I have let bed times slide a little bit while the days are still long because we are heading straight into a long, cold, Northern Alberta winter. Our noisy chaotic, kid filled street will be a barren wasteland until March...ish. When I asked the kids what they wanted to do this weekend, it was unanimous. Ride our bikes. Such simple pleasures. Why ever would I run myself ragged trying to plan and schedule when all they want, all they need, is to play outside.

Today my yard is filled with 14 kids from our neighborhood between the ages of 3 and 13.  It is mayhem - bandaids are being dispensed like candy and once the tears are wiped, the kids are back on their [insert dangerously modified rolling vehicle here]. The entire contents of Glen's garage have been pulled onto the front lawn to "invent" catapults, sling shots, bases for the nerf war and who knows what else. I didn't ask. Imagination is a beautiful thing.

With the kids occupied and willing to let the baby tag along for a bit, I did what any self-respecting crafter would do. I poured myself a creamy cup of iced coffee, gathered my granny square project and headed out to the front porch.

Sunburst Granny Square

My work in progess this weekend is a crocheted granny square bag. This particular bag should need 17 squares. At last count, including todays work, I have 15! Squeee! I can't wait to piece this baby together. I love these squares and followed the tutorial written by Jess at Purple Chair Crochet. I would have loved to insert a few contrasting colors into these squares, but the bag is destined for my mama and she is a monochromatic kinda girl ;-)

Sunburst Granny-top view

Aren't they pretty? I don't think I am doing my puff stitches correctly (Round 3) but even so, I do like the end result. Stay tuned for the finished bag! What are you working on? Maybe soon I will brave a WIP linky party, but for now if you feel like sharing your WIP, comment with a link or description. I'd love to take a peek.

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