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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Maia's Hat

This hat was yours. You won't wear it, but it will always be yours. Your days, every single one, were a precious gift and I wish that we could have come sooner. Love you, baby girl.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Jedi Master Yoda

Made up of mostly spheres and cylinders, this pudgy little jedi master was so much easier than Caleb's dog. For a few minutes, I got a bit hung up on the fingers and toes, and made the mistake of suggesting that Yoda's hands could possibly be "ovalish" and stacked on top of a walking stick. That went over about as well as you can expect, with a raised eyebrow and a "Julie, things can't always be easy and simple. " So basically, suck it up and figure it out.

"It's exactly what I wanted!"

Caleb has been feeling left out of the "pillow pals" scene lately. Norah and Will both have these cozy pillows that transform into a stuffy and to add to the insult, Will's bear even shines stars in alternating colours onto the ceiling.

"Mom will you crochet me a dog? One of those pillow dogs? It could look like Chaz, with one ear up and one down, one leg a different colour, and it could be blue....or lots of different blues. Oh and his mouth could be doing this (cue dog face impersonation). And then, you could put a couple different patches of colour on his body and I could name him Patches.  "