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Monday, September 02, 2013

Success: Camera strap cover with pockets

Handmade goodies are starting to show up at this house!! So far I have attempted fabric coasters, a cover for my recently acquired sewing machine and a mat for under my Keurig. Blah. None of them terrible, but decidedly un-awesome. 

With so many new skills to learn this year, Pinterest has become my new best friend. The endless pages of easy projects and beginner friendly tutorials call my name and have me completely addicted. In one of my pinning frenzies, I came across this camera strap tutorial by Diary of a Mad Crafter and knew that I had to try it. 

Amazing post. Clear instructions, tons of photos, easy to follow along, what more could a newbie ask for? The only thing that would have made her instructions better (not really, just for me) would have been a simple tip...


Silly hipster. This is a slip cover. You can't slip it on if you sew it closed. I only had to pick out one end seam so it could've been much worse. 

The strap was made to fit my sister's Canon Rebel. It has a pocket on each end and an opening behind your neck on one seam to make threading the strap through the cover a breeze. I used an outdoor fabric that is stain resistant only because I had it in my stash and D loved the print, but I can't wait to find something really pretty! You can see the outline of my lens cap in the pocket. I think its a bit too deep, but Glen thinks its fine. Next time, it will be shortened - thanks D, for being a guinea pig! 

I can't wait to find the perfect fabric (or two) to trick out my own camera.


  1. I will gladly be your craft guinea pig anytime! <3