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Friday, October 04, 2013

Crafting through a Minion Uprising

My minions have been keeping me busy, Little Miss minion in particular.  At three, she definitely has a mind of her own and has since the moment she started showing personality. She is spunky, adventurous, exasperating and hilarious. She has insatiable curiousity, and rarely gets into the same troublemaking situation twice. She goes and goes and goes.  Some days I have the mental fortitude to remember that on the other side of this phase, these qualities will serve her well, she will be an amazing and autonomous human being. But most days it is all I can do to keep myself from dressing her in goggles and blue overalls.  In one particular moment of weakness,  I turned the super fun game of "Simon Says" into the slightly less fun version known as "Yes, Mom." Touch your nose - YES, MOM! Stand on one foot - YES, MOM! I think there could be a market niche for this game. Obedient children, no snippy backtalk? YES, PLEASE!