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Sunday, September 08, 2013

My name is Julie, and I am an addict...

I left for church this morning without even a few sips of cold coffee. Some days I kid myself into thinking that I am not truly a caffeine addict, that I can function just fine without it. It was abundantly clear today, that I can not.

  • Caleb has a Cow's Milk Protein Intolerance. He doesn't eat any milk or milk protein containing foods. Unless of course his mom pours it directly into his cereal. Poor guy is going to pay for what he ate before realizing it was not Almond Milk. Sigh. Sorry buddy! 

  • I'm almost positive I shampooed my hair at least twice this morning. I honestly could not remember if I had washed it yet. Have you ever done that?

  • I also swear I changed Will's diaper before we left, but might not have... see the last bullet;

  • Caleb buttoned his own dress shirt this morning, admittedly taking longer than usual. We were at church before I noticed that his shirt was inside out. I even straightened his collar at one point this morning. How did I not notice the tag or seams?

  • Will was in the nursery during the service and completely wet through his pants. So my chubby 1 year old was strutting around the church basement showing off his gorgeous thigh (ok and ankle) rolls. Norah was the only one who looked at all like her mother was even slightly competent.

My sister picked me up an iced machiatto after church. That woman really gets me.

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