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Friday, April 25, 2014

52 Week Crochet Challenge: Week 8 - Fix it or Frog it!

Stumbling around my blogroll the other day, I came across this 52 Week Challenge spearheaded by Julie of Red Berry Crochet. Why take on a year long challenge? Benefits: meet new people, share some projects, be inspired - my stash may even make it out of the tangled mess it's in and into an organized display (maybe?!?). I can't seem to wrap my brain around "catching up" on the 7 weeks I have missed, so I am jumping right in where we are.

Week 8: choose an unfinished project and "Fix it or Frog it". 


"To Frog"
(verb) the act of undoing (ripping out) stitches in needlework. 
Say it with me..."rip it, rip it, rip it" . 
                   ie. Are you going to frog that afghan you started 2 years ago and never finished? 

I'm sure it's a sign of my newb'ness to the crochet scene, but I only have one unfinished project, a blanket that I started this past February when it was minus friggin 40! I curled up under this project with a steaming hot mug of apple cider and didn't leave my house except for necessary evils. There is nothing complicated about it - repeating rows of hdc and colour blocks of various widths, while keeping the blocks of cream a uniform width. It is soft and warm and most importantly, your toes don't get caught in gaping holes (the worst!)

It is sitting in a bag in my closet, unfinished, entirely because of this butter yellow skein of yarn. I wanted mustard, but for weeks no one had it in stock. The best I could find was butter yellow and it just wasn't working for me. I waffled back and forth for days. 

Frogging the yellow and replacing with orange did make me much happier. Until... see that skein tucked in beside the blanket? Yes, I found mustard. Are you beginning to see why this blanket was never finished? I swear I have colour ADD. 

So for this week's challenge, I have made a final decision to frog it once more and go with the mustard. Finishing the blanket will actually have to wait until my current project is completed, but the only thing holding me back from finishing it has been making the final colour choice. I'm calling that a success! 

What colour would you have chosen? Have a better colour? Let me know in the comments! 


  1. Mustard! Rip it, Rip it, Rip it one last time!

    1. Not surprised by your comment at all :-)

  2. I like both colors! Or maybe the mustard. No wait - the pumpkin. Sometimes the hardest part is deciding on the color! Thanks for joining the Challenge, I hope it inspires you, and that you have fun with it :)


    1. :-) Half of my problem is my disorganized yarn...still need to tackle that particular challenge!

  3. Actually I think I'd do both the orange and the mustard - I think I like them both on there but it would be nice to see a pic with more of the orange showing to know for sure!

    1. An option that hadn't even occurred to me, for whatever reason, but definitely worth considering. I only completed two rows or three rows of the orange, so what you see is all there is. It has been frogged, but adding it back in later is now in the maybe pile :-) Thanks for the suggestion!