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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Jedi Master Yoda

Made up of mostly spheres and cylinders, this pudgy little jedi master was so much easier than Caleb's dog. For a few minutes, I got a bit hung up on the fingers and toes, and made the mistake of suggesting that Yoda's hands could possibly be "ovalish" and stacked on top of a walking stick. That went over about as well as you can expect, with a raised eyebrow and a "Julie, things can't always be easy and simple. " So basically, suck it up and figure it out.

I made each toe separately, sewed the three toes together and then worked around the outside for three rounds to form the foot. Turned out great, but was finicky and took a while (ie. longer than I wanted to spend on a doll for my husband) so I changed my tactic for the hands. I like the toes better, but these were FAST and I was way too lazy to start over. 

Yoda's hood pulls up and the cloak is removable. This could be useful in the event Glen is playing with his doll and wants to change his outfit sometime.  He does need the cloak in order to stand. 

Now he's asking for an AT-AT Walker. Why couldn't I have married a man who likes slippers? 

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