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Saturday, August 31, 2013

The National Post on Hipster Housewives

According to the National Post there is a new trend towards "New Domesticity" or "Hipster Housewives".  Women who are embracing all those tasks that were viewed as such a burden only a couple generations ago. Simple, handmade, housewife. These words no longer sting as they once did.
My husband immediately brought this article to my attention. Me, a "Hipster Housewife"? Such a laugh. However, I can relate to the desire for a simpler existence and am trying to learn those skills which, if nothing else, give me a really good reason to call my grandma.

I have never been called a hipster. Ever. I am a believer, wife, a homemaking mama of three littles, lover of midwives and home birth. The dumbest smart person my brother has ever met. But now I want to create.

This year, my new years resolutions were of the more realistic variety:

  • Take a photography course;
  • Learn to crochet;
  • Learn to sew.

I'm not sure where this blog will go. But I do know you will find a mix of diy, crochet and sewing projects, good food and a photographic journey. Enjoy.

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